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Part 9

Tickets for Curveball, Phish’s Eleventh Festival August 17-19 in Watkins Glen, NY, are on sale now. The more controversial segment in the Pastoral Symphony was of a female pickaninny centaurette with part 9 hair named Sunflower who was shining the hoof of a white female centaurette. The black centaurette was first abruptly cut from the film and as technology improved, the scene was edited by ‘resizing’ or ‘zooming in’ on the frames with the character in them so that she was not seen in the shot.

There were also uncensored bare-breasted harpies during the Chernobog “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence. In the most obvious scene, the sinister Mrs. Danvers opened the curtains to the bedroom of the deceased Mrs. Rebecca de Winter and went through her intimate belongings.

There was also a strong undercurrent that not only was Danvers expressing her unusual lesbian feelings for the haunting Rebecca, but she was also trying to seduce the 2nd Mrs. She opened the woman’s closet, selected a fur coat, seductively held it next to her own cheek and then brushed it by the cheek of a nameless, horrified, and recoiling second Mrs. It was a Christmas present from Mr. He was always giving her expensive gifts, the whole year round.